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Connect with customers in need of delivery services in your current location.
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The ShipusnowDriver app matches you with customers who are currently in your location and need your services. Whenever a customer places an order on the app, you will get a notification containing the delivery details.



Customers have the option to pay online or pay cash from which a 10% commission is charged from your e-wallet for each delivery completed. No extra or hidden charges. You get all 90% of the money paid.

The App provides an extra source of income without disrupting your original work process as you can combine it with other services. Since you’re allowed to accept up to 10 requests simultaneously,  you can make up to N10,000 to N20,000 in a day.

Upon registering, you’ll be required to top up your e-wallet from time to time as you begin taking orders. The cost of service is automatically calculated based on distance – which is approximately equal to the current local charges.

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Our Rates

View our interstate delivery rate card. We provide very in-depth detail about our services and pricing for this year. Interstate Delivery Export/Import