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With Kobo’s platform, companies now have easy access to a large pool of trucks with real-time tracking at affordable and flexible rates. Drivers conveniently find loads they want, are paid instantly and get reverse goods. The extensive data gathered through the Kobo platfrom provides integral insights into driving efficiency to supply chain operations of medium and large enterprises.

What We Offer


With Kobo Logistics, you can be rest assured that our services would serve and give you the best deliverables.

Support 24×7

We give our Customers full seamless support for efficient and effective delivery.

Product Safety

We have set up Insurance to cover your goods from loading point to offloading point.

Customer Satisfaction Tools

Dedicated customer service will always be available to provide real-time support.

User Friendly

You can be rest assured that our staffs are very well accomodating and a good sense of hospitality.

anagement And Reporting

Get real time status and updates of your goods when you log into the app on your mobile device.