Logistics Through Innovation, Dedication and Technology.

Shipusnow is a platform that offers the best transport and logistics service experience to all users. Our core business is to use our platform as a marketplace to bring logistics to everyone who deserves a reliable service with a very reasonable price discovery.

Shipusnow will bridge the gap between users and service providers by offering shipments at low rates through bidding by service providers when logistics services are requested.

We believe that users of transport and logistics services deserve the best experience in every touch point of the value chain, hence, our determinaation to deploy information technology to drive the process with limited human interference.

Logistics Services

Web based logistics and haulage transport marketplace that connects service users to providers. We provide a platform where service bidding can take place and the preferred bidder takes the job


Logistics management: Supply chain management that plans, implements and controls efficient effective forward, reverse flow, storage of goods, services, and related information between point of origin and point of delivery in order to meet the customer's requirements.

Value Added Services

Tracking of services for safety and security Payment channel to expedite service offering with reduced transaction costs. Advisory service on logistics, haulage warehousing and supply chain management.

Our Services Are Useful To:

  • Individuals or corporates that need to ship single, break bulk or bulk cargo
  • Competitive pricing
  • Registered freight forwarding companies
  • Transport service companies
  • Home / office movers
  • Cargo consolidators and warehouse owners
  • Insurance under-writers and brokers
  • Cargo logistics service brokers

Our Value Proposition

  • Competitive pricing of services and convenience (cargo owner)
  • Access to a large pool of prospective customers and reduced cost of marketing (service provider)
  • Opportunities for door-to-door cargo delivery services and other premium services
  • Insurance provision for goods shipped
  • Service user-provider correspondence
  • Shipment monitoring and tracking
  • Expert advisory services on logistics and supply chain
  • Trust, efficiency, flexibility and scalability along the logistics value chain.

1. Schedule Pickup

Schedule pickup for your package or cargo based on your category of choice.

Upon submission, a list of eligible service providers will be listed, each with a quotation which contains cost of their services as well as other options or benefits they are offering.

2. Sign Off on Best Offer

Since various shippers will be bidding to ship your package for you, you have the option of selecting your best offer and sign off the shipment.

Upon making your choice, our correspondent will confirm your choice and payment, after which the shipment process will begin.

3. Track and Review Shipment

As soon as the shipment process begins, your shipment status will be updated from time to time. You will be notified by mail and a phone call with each update made by the service provider.

You can easily keep track of your shipment by submitting your tracking ID.